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Manufacturer, Supplier & Stockists Of Lateral Fitting, Pipe Nipple, Pipe Bend, Pipe Reducers, Cross, Pipe Tee, Pipe elbow, Couplings, Nipples, Union, Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings, Carbon Steel Pipe Fiitings & Other Pipe Fittings in India.

We Offer High Quality Lateral Fitting, & other Pipe Fittings in Stainless steel, Carbon steel, Alloy Steel, High Nickel Alloy & Copper Nickel.

Lateral Fitting , Forged Fittings, Buttweld Fittings & Other Pipe Fittings Manufacturer, supplier & stockist in India

Item Steel Lateral Fitting ,pipe Orifice Stub Ends, Equal Tee, Pipe Elbow, Pipe Bend, Pipe Reducer
Standard AISI B16.5, AISI B16.47, AISI B16.36, MSS SP44, API6A, BS 4504, EN1092, UNI 2277/2278, DIN 4504
Material Stainless Steel Lateral Fittings: 202, 304, 304L, 304H, 316, 316L, 317, 317L, 321, 310, 347, 904L, 2205 Duplex
Other Materials: Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Monel, Nickel, Inconel, Hastelloy, Copper, Brass, Bronze, Titanium, Aluminium
Copper Nickel Lateral Fittings: CuNi10Fe1Mn, CuNi30Mn1Fe, Cupro nickel
Type Brass Lateral Fittings, Stainless Steel Lateral Fittings, Carbon Steel Pipe Nipples, Aluminum Lateral Fittings, Welded & Seamless Lateral Fittings, Threaded Lateral Fittings
Size 3mm – 40mm / SCH5, SCH10, SCH20, SCH30, SCH40, STD, SCH80, XS, SCH60, SCH80, SCH120, SCH140, SCH160, XXS
Application Widely used in petroleum/ chemical industry/power/ship building/paper making/metallurgy/ construction /water supply and sewage work

Summary Of Lateral Fitting

What is Lateral Fitting

Nipple is a fitting, consisting of a short piece of pipe, usually provided with a male pipe thread at each end, for connecting two other fittings. We manufacture a range of pipe nipples such as hexagon nipple, close nipple, pipe nipple (barrel nipple), galvanized nipples, BSP threaded pipe nipple, NPT pipe nipples. Pipe nipples are available in sizes ranging from 1/8” to 4” and can be fabricated and polished as per customer specifications.

DM Steel Exporters (India) is Manufacturer, Stockists & Supplier of premium quality range of Lateral Fitting & other pipe fittings Flanges that are manufactured under the expert guidance of our diligent workforce.we are highly experienced company in Lateral Fitting & other pipe fittings Flanges. our Lateral Fitting & other Fitting products are manufactured using quality material and go through a rigorous quality check at all stages of production to ensure quality. Designed in compliance with international quality standards, these Lateral Fitting are corrosion resistance, sturdy and durable.we also supply Lateral Fitting & other pipe fittings Flanges in customized size.

Lateral Fitting current Price

Lateral Fitting ready stock

Lateral Fitting manufacturerDM Steel Exporters (India) stocks Lateral Fitting & other pipe fitting flanges at locations throughout India. We maintain a large inventory of butt welding pipe fittings, forged pipe fittings and flanges. we also have huge stock of Reducer, Concentric Reducers, Eccentric Reducers, Elbow, Elbows – Long Radius, Elbows – Short Radius, 3D Elbow, 5D Elbow, 90° Elbows, 45° Elbows, Tee, Cross, Stub Ends and Lateral Fitting, 180° LR Return Bends, 180° SR Return Bends, Couplings, Unions, Lateral Fittings. Our stock of flange products include threaded flange, weld neck flange, slip on flange, socket weld flange, blind flange, lap joint flange, plate flange.

We also have our sales representatives to understand the requirements of our clients, we maintain ready stock of Lateral Fitting, pipe fittings & flanges, in Cities like Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Manama, Muscat, Doha, Dubai, Damascus, Khartoum, Beirut, Jeddah, Aleppo, Alexandria, Algiers, Amman, Mosul, Cairo, Baghdad, Dammam, Casablanca, Basra, Mecca, Tripoli, Rabat, Sana’a, Arbil, Hilla, Port Said, Marrakech, Medina, Al Hudaydah, Omdurman, Damietta, Homs, Kafr Dawar, Benghazi, Fez, Bahri, Nouakchott, Sulaymaniyah, Safi, Zarqa, Oran, Kirkuk, Ismailia, Tunis, Agadir, Tangier, Sharjah, Shibin El Kom, Misratah, Matrah, Aden, Najaf, Karbala, Latakia, Sousse, Meknes, Gaza, Fallujah, Aswan, Kassala, Al-Ubayyid, Sohag, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Kuching & many more…

Ready inventory Of Lateral Fitting & other Pipe Fittings At trident Steel engg.:-

Special offer on Lateral Fitting

DM Steel Exporters (India) Manufacture a wide range of Lateral Fitting (ASME B16.9, DIN, EN), Pipe Cross (ASTM A182, ASTM A240, ASME, DIN, EN), Forged Fittings (ASTM A182, ASME, DIN, EN), Reducer, Elbow, Long/Short Radius Elbows, Compression Fittings, Single Ferrule Fittings, Double Ferrule Fittings, Fittings Exporter in India, Tee’s, Stub Ends, Double Flanged Fittings, Fabricated Fittings, Threaded Fittings, NPT Fittings, SS 304/304L Fittings, SS 316/316L Fittings, SS 316Ti Fittings, U Bends, Reducers, 5D/3D Elbow, Tube Fittings,These industrial fittings are available in different dimensions and specifications to meet the requirements of our valued customers worldwide,DM Steel Exporters (India). is leading Manufacturer of Lateral Fitting & Pipe Cross in INDIA since Five Decades,DM Steel Exporters (India). ranks in Top Ten company in INDIA engaged in manufacturing of Lateral Fitting & Pipe Cross, DM Steel Exporters (India) is ISO-9001:2008, 1400;2004, 18001:2007 certified organisation.

We at DM Steel Exporters (India) Offer you 5 % Discount on Lateral Fitting and also on other products like Stainless Steel 304, Stainless Steel 316, Stainless Steel 317L, Stainless Steel 347, Stainless Steel 310, Inconel 600, Inconel 625, Incoloy 825, Monel 400, Monel K-500 , Monel R-405, Hastelloy C276, Hastelloy C22, Duplex Steel 2205, Super Duplex Steel 2507, Alloy steel, Carbon Steel etc.

Lateral Fitting Application

Application Industry:

Lateral Fitting manufacturer

  • Lateral Fitting uses in Oil and Gas Pipeline
  • Lateral Fitting uses in Chemical Industry
  • Lateral Fitting uses in Plumbing
  • Lateral Fitting uses in Heating
  • Lateral Fitting uses in Oil & Gas Industry
  • Lateral Fitting uses in Water Supply Systems
  • Lateral Fitting uses in Paper & Pulp Industry
  • Lateral Fitting uses in Power Plant
  • Lateral Fitting uses in Fabrication Industry
  • Lateral Fitting uses in General purpose applications
  • Lateral Fitting uses in Food Processing Industry
  • Lateral Fitting uses in Structural Pipe
  • Lateral Fitting uses in Heat Exchangers
  • Lateral Fitting is Also used for other Industrial purpose etc.

Lateral Fitting availability worldwide

Lateral Fitting manufacturer

We are Experts in exporting Lateral Fitting to over 45 countries including UAE, UK, Dubai, Iran, Iraq, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Yemen, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain, Serbia, Kuwait, Peru, Nigeria, Poland, South Africa, Denmark, Turkey, Egypt, Venezuela, Kuwait, Madagascar, Angloa & Srilanka & are major pipe Fittings & Flanges Suppliers in Saudi Arabia etc.

Our ready stock of Lateral Fitting is also available in top countries such as Dubai, United States, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Israel, Thailand, Vietnam, Kuwait, United Kingdom, Mexico, Malaysia, Nigeria, Serbia, Singapore, Taiwan, Chile, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Colombia, Iran, Italy, Denmark etc. who can help you to buy Lateral Fitting Pipe fittings and joints and can provide you all the information as per your requirements.

Countries & Cities We Serve

Lateral Fitting Statistics

Lateral Fitting Statistic

Useful information of Lateral Fitting

DM Steel Exporters (India). focus on fitting manufacturing & Suppling, main products are Buttweld fitting, Socket fitting, Threaded Fitting, Flange according to GB 12459, ASME B16.9, B16.11, B16.5, MSS SP-75, SP-44, AWWA, DIN, JIS, etc, size range from DN 15 to DN 2000, Thikness up to 100mm, material cover stainless steel, alloy steel and carbon steel, like: WPB, P5, P9, P11, P22, P91, 304/304L, 316/316L, 317/317L, 321/321H, 347/347H, 904L, WP 254 SMO and so on.

Lateral Fitting Specifications :

Lateral Fittings Production Range


  • Carbon Steel: A 106 Grade B Seamless, P-9, P-11 and P-22, 2205 Duplex
  • Aluminum: S-40, 6061-T6
  • Stainless Steel: 304/L, 316/L, 317/L, A 312 Welded or Seamless Pipe. Other alloys are available upon request.


  • 1″ thru 24″


  • Carbon Steel: All Schedules
  • Stainless Steel: Schedules 5 thru 160

End Prep:

  • Beveled Ends
  • Squared Ends
  • Flanged Ends
    Cut Grooves
  • Victaulic Grooves
  • Threaded Ends (Male & Female)


  • Laterals: 30°, 45°, 60°

Reducing laterals available. For reducing laterals use run size and dimensions same as straight lateral.  Radiographic Inspection available upon request to meet ASME specs.

Stainless Steel Lateral Fittings A234 WPB Lateral Fittings Manufacturer Large Diameter Fabricated Lateral Fittings
Alloy Steel Lateral Fittings A420 WPL6 Lateral Fittings Piggable Bends Lateral Fittings in Mumbai
Carbon Steel Lateral Fittings Manufacturer in Chennai A234 WP11 Lateral Fittings Distributors in Mumbai Hex Lateral Fittings Supplier
Fabricated Pipe Lateral Fittings A234 WP5 Lateral Fittings Buttweld Lateral Fittings Manufacturer
Seamless Pipe Lateral Fittings A403 WP304 Lateral Fittings in Chennai Duplex 2205 Pipe Bends
Buttweld Lateral Fittings Manufacturer in Mumbai A403 WP304L Lateral Fittings 100% X-Ray Welded Lateral Fittings
Buttweld Lateral Fittings A403-WP316 Lateral Fittings Distributors A694 F42 Lateral Fittings Exporters in Mumbai
Lateral Fittings Supplier in India A403-WP316L Lateral Fittings Manufacturers A694 F52 Lateral Fittings Suppliers
316 Lateral Fittings Manufacturer in Chennai Seamless Lateral Fittings A694 F56 Lateral Fittings Manufacturers in Mumbai
B366-WP904L Lateral Fittings Suppliers in Mumbai A403-WP310 Lateral Fittings Manufacturer in Chennai A694 F60 Lateral Fittings Distributors
254 SMO Lateral Fittings Manufacturers A403-WP310S Lateral Fittings Suppliers A694 F65 Lateral Fittings Manufacturers in India
2205 Lateral Fittings Exporters in India A403-WP317 Lateral Fittings A694 F70 Lateral Fittings in Exporters India
2507 Lateral Fittings Distributors A403-WP317L Lateral Fittings Suppliers in India Steel Lateral Fittings Manufacturers in Chennai
B366 200 Lateral Fittings Manufacturers in Mumbai A403-WP321 Lateral Fittings Threaded Lateral Fittings Manufacturer in Chennai
A234 WP22 Lateral Fittings Exporters in India A403-WP321H Lateral Fittings Manufacturers Forged Lateral Fittings Supplier in India
A234 WP91 Lateral Fittings A403-WP347 Lateral Fittings Lateral Fittings exporter in mumbai
A234 WP9 Lateral Fittings Suppliers in India A403-WP347H Lateral Fittings Suppliers in India Both End Threaded Lateral Fittings
A182 F11 Lateral Fittings Supplier in Mumbai A234 WPC Lateral Fittings Exporters One End Threaded Lateral Fittings
A182 F91 Lateral Fittings Exporters in India A234 WPA Lateral Fittings Manufacturers carbon steel Lateral Fittings
A182 F9 Lateral Fittings Distributors A420 WPB Lateral Fittings Suppliers Seamless Lateral Fittings
A182 F5 Lateral Fittings Manufacturers A234 WPL6 Lateral Fittings Exporters Cement line Lateral Fittings
A182 F22 Lateral Fittings Exporters in India A234 WPL3 Lateral Fittings Duplex Lateral Fittings Destributor
A105 Lateral Fittings Suppliers WPHY 42 Lateral Fittings Exporters in India pipe End cap in supplier Mumbai
WPHY 52 Lateral Fittings Manufacturers WPHY 60 Lateral Fittings Brass Pipe Lateral Fittings
WPHY 65 Lateral Fittings Distributors WPHY 70 Lateral Fittings Distributors Concentric Swaged Nipple

We Also Engaded in Offering Following Product Range:

Socket Weld Fittings Steel Bush Nipples
Return Bend Lateral Fitting Square Head Plugs
Hex Nipple Brass Fittings Inserts
Lateral Fittings Forged fittings Threaded Fittings
Reducing Elbow Buttweld Fittings Street Elbow
Y Fittings Socket Weld Flanges Weld Neck Flanges

RTJ Flange swivel flange spectacle flange
WNRTJ Flange Orifice flange Threaded Flanges
Ring Joint Flange Lap joint flange Slip On Flange
Long weld neck flange Expander flange Threaded Flange
paddle blind Nipo Flange Spectacle Blind Flange

Nut Bolt Rivets Nails
Nuts U-Bolts Hex Bolts
Studs Screws Hex Screws
Bolts Washers Square Bolts

Leading manufacturers of Lateral Fitting

We also having stock of Lateral Fitting & other pipe fittings & Flanges manufactured by Erne Fittings (Austri), Metal,far (Italy), Lame S.R.l. (Italy), BKL- Thai Benkan (Thailand), BENKAN Corporation (Japan), TecnoForge (Italy), Ulma (Spain), Mega (Italy), Melesi (Italy), Interfit (France), Raccortubi S.P.A. (Italy). we are the distributor of the Of these Brands. we also have the sales representative who can provide the proper information of these Brands & about Grades, material and sizes.

We mainly stock following make :

Erne Fittings, Austria Metal far, Italy Lame S.R.l., Italy
BENKAN Corporation, Japan BKL- Thai Benkan, Thailand TecnoForge, Italy
Ulma, Spain Mega, Italy Melesi, Italy
Interfit, France Raccortubi S.P.A., Italy

Lateral Fitting Stockyard

Lateral Fitting stockyard Lateral Fitting stockyard Lateral Fitting stockyard

We have Lateral Fitting available in our stock we can provide you Lateral Fitting as per your requirement on immediate bases Because we have our stockyard in India, Dubai, United States, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Israel, Thailand, Vietnam, Kuwait, United Kingdom, Mexico, Malaysia, Nigeria, Serbia, Singapore, Taiwan, Chile, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Colombia, Iran, Italy, Denmark etc. we keep Lateral Fitting in our stock for 365 days to serve our clients on immediate bases. we also provide our Lateral Fitting in small quantity, cut & sizes.

We are maintaing the stock of around 3000 ton of Pipe Fittings, Lateral Fitting & Pipe Cross in , Dammam, Saudi Arabia to provide quick delivery in Gulf Countries(GCC) for ongoing projects, so we an deliver Fittings & Flanges with in a day as per requirements of our valued clients in Saudi Arabia & all Gulf countries at best price, bcz. there is no shipping cost for each material again n again, due to our ready stock of Lateral Fitting, Fittings & Flanges in Saudi Arabia, our clients can visit our stockyard in Dammam, Saudi Arabia & can inspect the material before placing the order & within no time delivery can be scheduled, by having largest stockyard in Middle East of Lateral Fitting & Pipe Cross makes us different from all other manufactures & stockiest of Fittings & Flanges in INDIA & Saudi Arabia, so we can provide Fittings & Flanges at less than 10% cost & fastest delivery, we also can provide used Fittings & used Flanges in UAE, SAUDI ARABIA, SINGAPORE, IRAN, KUWAIT, CANADA, GERMANY, UK, USA, NETHERLAND, AUSTRILIA, ITALY, BELGIUM, BRAZIL, EGYPT, NIGERIA, TANZANIA, THAILAND, COLOMBIA, TURKEY, INDONESIA at almost half of the price, even our pre used Lateral Fitting & Pipe Cross also tested & check before buyback, so these Lateral Fitting & Pipe Cross can be used even in Turnkey projects & in Different sectors like Oil & Gas, Petroleum, Chemical, Fertiliser, Construction, Dairy, Pharma etc.

we are engaged in manufacturing Seamless & welded long radius elbow 90 deg, long radius elbow 45 deg, long radius & short radius elbow 180 deg (return bend), reduceing elbow, equal tee, crosses, concentric reducer, ecentric reducer, long stubend, short stubend, coller, pipe cap, long radius bends R = 3D, 5D, 6D, 8D, 10D & 20D in 15 deg, 30 deg, 60 deg & 90 deg & drawing base buttweld fittings, socket weld fittings, screwed fittings, forged fittings, threaded fittings, ferrule Fittings, Pipe Fittings, Return Bend, Hex Nipple, Brass Fittings, Lateral Fittings, Steel Bush, Buttweld Fittings, Lateral Fitting, Forged fittings, Socket Weld Fittings, Threaded Fittings, Reducing Elbow, Nipples, Y Fittings, Square Head Plugs, Street Elbow, Inserts, RTJ Flange, swivel flange, WNRTJ Flange, Orifice flange, Ring Joint Flange, Lap joint flange, Expander flange, Long weld neck flange, Nipo Flange, Spectacle Blind Flange, paddle blind, Threaded Flange, Slip On Flanges, spectacle flange, Long weld neck flange, Nut Bolt, Rivets, Nails, Nuts, U-Bolts, Hex Bolts, Studs, Screws, Hex Screws, Bolts, Washers, Square Bolts,Carbon Steel Elbows, Stainless Steel Elbows, Alloy Steel Elbows, Long Radius Elbows, Short Radius Elbows. 3D Elbows, 5D Elbows, Custom Radius Elbow Supplier in India, 316 Elbow, A234 WPB Elbows Manufacturer, A420 WPL6 Elbow, A234 WP11 Elbow, A234 WP5 Elbow, A403 WP304 Elbow, A403 WP304L Elbow, A403-WP316 Elbow, A403-WP316L Elbow, Seamless Elbows, Large Diameter Fabricated Elbows, 20″ NB Elbow, 36″ NB Elbow Supplier, Buttweld Elbows Manufacturer, Duplex 2205 Pipe elbow, 100% X-Ray Welded Elbows

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